The aim of the Foundation established in 2009 is to create a Perpetual Fund which will finance conservation work and preservation of all authentic remains of the former Nazi German Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp. 

The target amount of the Fund is 120 million Euro. The annual income goal is approximately 4-5 million Euro, which will make it possible to realize the Global Preservation Plan: a long term program which encompasses all the expert driven conservation work done at the Auschwitz Memorial. Creation of the Fund is possible thanks to help and generosity of countries from all around the world, the engagement of many corporations as well as individual patrons.

We created the Fund to make sure that future generations will have a possibility to see the authentic space which is not only a living witness of one of the biggest crimes in the history of mankind but also a place which has a fundamental meaning for the entire European civilization. In Auschwitz we can fully confront and address the most important questions about: mankind, society, the poisonous fruit of anti-Semitism, racial hatred and contempt towards others.