The Committee was established in order to provide the governments which contribute to the Perpetual Fund with full access to information and in order to ensure full transparency of the Foundation’s activities. It is a consultative and advisory body. Its members are appointed based on the donor countries’ recommendations.

Argentine Republic – H.E Alicia Irene Falkowski
Ambassador of Argentina to Poland

Commonwealth of Australia – awaiting nomination

Republic of Austria –  H.E Andreas Stadler
Ambassador of Austria to Poland

Republic of Azerbaijan – H.E. Nargiz Gurbanova
Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Poland

Kingdom of Belgium – H.E. Rik Van Droogenbroeck 
Ambassador of Belgium to Poland 

Republic of Bulgaria – H.E. Margarita Ganeva
Ambassador of Bulgaria to Poland

Canada – H.E. Catherine Godin
Ambassador of Canada to Poland

Cyprus – H.E. Petros Nacouzis
Ambassador of Cyprus to Poland

Czech Republic – H.E. Břetislav Dančák
Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Poland

Republic of Estonia – H.E. Miko Haljas
Ambassador of Estonia to Poland

Republic of Finland – H.E. Päivi Laine 
Ambassador of Finland to Poland

French Republic – H.E. Etienne de Poncins
Ambassador of France to Poland

Georgia – H.E. Diana Zhgenti
Ambassador of Georgia to Poland

Federal Republic of Germany – H.E. Viktor Elbling
Ambassador of Germany to Poland

Federal Republic of Germany – Jens-Christian Wagner (the Lands’ representative)
Director of the Buchenwald Memorial

Greece - H.E. Niki Kamba
Ambassador of Greece to Poland

Hungary – Vince Szalay-Bobrovniczky 
Deputy State Secretary for Civil Society Relations at the Prime Minister’s Office

Ireland –  H.E. Patrick Haughey 
Ambassador of Ireland to Poland

Israel – Dani Dayan
Chairman of Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

Italian Republic – H.E. Luca Franchetti Pardo
Ambassador of Italy to Poland

Republic of Lithuania – Marius Janukonis
Director of the Department of Communication and Cultural Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – H.E. Paul Schmit
Ambassador of Luxembourg to Poland

Republic of Malta - H.E. Maria Assunta Farrugia
Ambassador of Malta to Poland

Principality of Monaco – H.E. Lorenzo Ravano
Ambassador of Monaco in Berlin

Kingdom of the Netherlands – H.E. Daphne Bergsma
Ambassador of the Netherlands to Poland

New Zealand – H.E. Alana Rose Hudson
Ambassador of the New Zelaland to Poland

Kingdom of Norway – H.E. Øystein Bø
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Poland

Portuguese Republic – H.E. Luís Cabaço
Ambassador of Portugal to Poland

Russian Federation – Alexander Shkolnik
Director of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, Member of the Presidium of Association of Russian Museums

Slovak Republic – H.E. Andrea Elschekova Matisova 
Ambassador of Slovakia to Poland

Kingdom of Spain – H.E. Ramiro Fernández
Ambassador of Spain to Poland

Swiss Confederation – H.E. Fabrice Filliez 
Ambassador of Switzerland to Poland

Kingdom of Sweden – Stefan Andersson
Project leader at The Living History Forum. An expert on history of Germany during World War 2. Responsible for a virtual guide at the Memorial Sites located in Poland for schools, launched by Living History Forum in Spring 2014.  

Republic of Turkey – H.E. Rauf Alp Denktaş
Abassador of Turkey to Poland

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Lord Eric Pickles
UK Special Envoy for post-Holocaust issues

USA – Ellen Germain
The Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues of the U.S. State Department