The Management Board represents the Foundation before third parties and manages its activity. It is also responsible for devising the Foundation’s strategy and managing its property. Its members are appointed and dismissed by the Council.


The body responsible for decision making, supervising and assessing the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation's activity. Council members are individuals who have greatly contributed to the preservation of memory of Nazi crimes. They include experts such as historians, diplomats and intellectuals. Some of them also sit on the International Auschwitz Council, an advisory and consultative body to the Polish Prime Minister on the protection and management of the site of the former Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz as well as other Holocaust Monuments.


The Committee was established in order to provide the governments which contribute to the Perpetual Fund with full access to information and in order to ensure full transparency of the Foundation’s activities. It is a consultative and advisory body. Its members are appointed based on the donor countries’ recommendations.


The Financial Committee advises the Management Board on the investment and management of the Foundation’s property. It also supervises the Board’s activities.The Financial Committee’s task is to devise the strategy of investing the means of the Perpetual Fund. The Committee’s recommendations are subject to the Council’s approval. The Members of the Committee perform their duties free of charge.